The Y has recently made some changes to how our facility can be accessed. In an effort to keep our members and employees safe, manage costs and monitor access, we have implemented new scanners at the entry points to the Hazel R. Keene Wellness Center.

After our first month with the new system, we have heard from you, our members, regarding these changes. In the coming weeks, expect to see some changes to the challenges presented in these first weeks under new entry processes.

In the meantime, to make your entry as smooth as possible, it is imperative to bring your Y card or load your card number to the Y app on your phone. We appreciate your patience as we work to fine-tune this process and make additional adjustments to streamline the entry process even further.

In addition, the front desk of the Y has become more of a hub for all members, as the Wellness Center will be fully staffed only during peak times in the mornings and evenings. A Y employee(s) will always be available to assist members, as YOU are a top priority.

We are working to make our Y as safe, accessible, and efficient as possible. With your help and understanding, we can work together...FOR A BETTER US.

Thank you for being a part of our Y community!

January 31st, 2023