When you join the YMCA, you become part of a community. Whether you are an adult looking for a new fitness challenge and support to reach your goals, or a family looking for a great place to get active and spend quality time together, or a an active older adult who wants social interaction and improved mental and physical health, the YMCA provides a healthy environment to improve well-being.   

Your Membership Means so much more! Be part of a cause-driven organization committed to nurturing kids, supporting healthy lifestyles, and giving back. 

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Membership Type Description Monthly Cost
Youth Infant to High School $ 16.00
Young Adult Ages 19-27 $ 35.00
Adult Ages 28 and older $ 46.75
Family * $ 67.00
Household ** $ 67.00
Single Parent Family *** $ 57.00
65 Plus **** $ 36.00
Senior Couple Each age 65 and older $ 58.00
3 Adults & Household ***** $ 92.00

DOWN PAYMENT is prorated based on your join date.

* Family is defined as spouses with dependent children, including full-time unmarried college students through age 22.
** Household is defined as two adults plus any children through age 18 residing in the same household and full-time unmarried college students through age 22.
*** For the single head of household with dependents only.
**** Applies to individuals 65 years of age and older; individuals who are 62 years of age and retired on Social Security benefits, pension, etc., with no outside employment; the non-working spouse of a retired individual (who may be under the age of 62).
***** This membership is for three adults or young adults and dependent children age 23 and younger. All account members must reside in the same house.

JOINER FEE – All new memberships (except youth and young adults) are assessed a $40 joiner fee. This does not affect current Y-members unless their membership lapses for more than 60 days.

A portion of all adult memberships, tennis, and racquetball fees go to help subsidize youth memberships and programs.

Day Pass Rates